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SMiles provides public, community, and media relations services. We also produce a local cable talk show called, "SMiles TV Talk Show". We collaborate with numerous existing agencies to promote concepts, individuals, and organizations.


Public, Community & Media Relations

SMiles persuades the public to maintain positive views of your ideas, products, leaders or political decisions. We can assist you in your efforts to enhance your viability and image, while effectively managing good positive communication between you and your public. Your image is a reflection of you.



We also organize community meetings, seminars, rallies, etc. For example, given a seven (7) day notice, SMiles organized a bi-state area rally (over 750 in attendance) for Trayvon Martin's Dad, Tracy Martin, mother, Sybrina Fulton, Attorney Benjamin Crump. Martin visited his hometown to plead with the youth in the crime ridden city to, "Stop the Senseless Use of Guns."


Arranged Radio Interviews for the following individuals:


Judge Lynn Toler, host of the nationally syndicated program “Divorce Court” -- television’s longest running court show. Divorce Court airs in St. Louis on Fox 2 at 2 PM weekdays; author of the book “My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius”; and, “Making Marriage Work”.


The expert who found money for Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump...Mary Pitman, author of "The Little Book Of Missing Money," She is the founder of National Find Your Missing Money Day.


Ghost Writer, Paula Felps, and founder of the Sexual abuse Resource Network. Author of "Sexual Abuse Resource Guide: Information on Books, Websites, Hotlines, Legal Resources, Counseling Services, and Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder."


Art Keller, former CIA Officer, and author of, "Hollow Strength," and nationally recognized expert on Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, intelligence, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation who has appeared on the National Geographic Channel, CNN, CBS, The News Hour on PBS, and NPR.


Tyler Newcomb, author, "Murder From Within". A book depicting what Newcomb calls Lyndon Johnson's plot against President Kennedy.


Tracy Martin, Father of slain Florida youth, Trayvon Martin.


Mark Grimm, political analyst. Grimm talked about his time spent interviewing Presidents Clinton and Bush.


Rachel Jackson-Bramwell, founder of Project Compassion, NFP.


Stan Levenson, author of five books. One of his books, "Big-Time Fundraising for

Today's Schools," is currently used in school districts around the globe.


Investigative journalist Bill Deane, author of “Smooth Criminal.” Deane spent 30 years

as an assignment editor for CBS News.


Dawn Harper, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist 



Dr. Ernest Johnson the author of, "The Secrets For Motivating, Educating, and Lifting The

Spirit of African American Males."


Kenneth King, college professor, attorney and the author of, "Germs Gone Wild."


Phillip Romero, economist, policy analyst and applied mathematician, the author 

of "Your Macroeconomic Edge: Investing Strategies for Executives in the Post-Recession World."


Rapid Fire With AMO, Atlanta Georgia Attorney Misty Oaks.

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