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Last year, SMiles reached approximately 400,000 (+) in Missouri & 77,000 (+) in Illinois and an unlimited
amount on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We center our programming to reach the right audience
for you. We are aware that you are substantially involved in a great deal of community service; and,
we want to help you spread the word.


Stephanie received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications, Radio/Television Production  from Bradley University. With well over twenty years of public, media and community relations experience, Stephanie understands what it takes to package and deliver your message to your intended audience. She has served as:

♦ Substitute Teacher, St. Clair County, Illinois

♦ Pathways Sustainability Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA, East Side Works

♦ Director of Communications, Harris Stowe State University

♦ Community Relations, United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census

♦ Public and Governmental Affairs Manager, City of East St. Louis, Illinois

♦ Host of Several Radio/Television Talk Shows

♦ Production Intern, KMOX (CBS Owned and Operated Television Station) St. Louis, Missouri.

About scroll
SMilesTV to be Aired on PChatman Network, a New National Network

SMilesTV to be Aired on PChatman Network, a New National Network


SMilesTV to be Aired on PChatman

Network, a New National Network

Millennials and Generation X

Students in Training with SMiles - Roughly twenty-five percent (25%) of our viewers are Millennials; and approximately twenty-four percent, (24%) are considered to be Generation X. Partnering with local school districts, and with the guidance and assistance of instructors and the SMiles team, students are able to produce their own television talk show segment. Content is largely developed by the Students in Training with SMiles.  



SMiles on Campus - is another segment, developed to periodically feature various students throughout the country. Students who are currently majoring in communications serve as guest hosts at their perspective campuses. They are expected to produce segments related to daily campus life, health, human services, global issues and the environment. In addition, authors, musicians and artists who have a global reach are featured. Students from East St. Louis, Illinois are given priority in participating in 

SMiles on Campus.


SMiles on the Street – is a segment which features everyday people with everyday struggles, answering  questions for the SMiles reporter on an array of topics. 





Through a variety of discussions, vignettes, testimonials, interviews, and/or footage gathered by the  SMiles Team, you will receive a unique opportunity to showcase the array of your community relations efforts and services. Together, we will highlight agreed upon topics, which you deem important for your public. A SMiles partnership will enable you to provide your public with an additional means through which to demonstrate that you are concerned about the community and its people. The public will gain a greater sense that you care. Your community relations efforts and services will be enhanced, while your public will gain first hand knowledge of your genuine contributions to our community. 



SMiles will take great care in packaging and producing segments which will exemplify your high standards  of quality services. The general public will become even more educated about what you offer the community. The options are endless. Let's tailor a package to meet your needs.

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